Wednesday, August 31, 2016

I haven't updated my blog in years.  It just seems like I can't get my head into the game!  Here is to trying to do better!

First, an update.

Vosco has been back in our home since May of 2015.  He graduated from high school in 2014.  He got his drivers license a month ago.  He is still obsessed with all things cars, movies, music and video gaming.

Ruby is 16.  She is taking drivers education (watch out world) and is a junior in high school.  She has worked at Lagoon the last two Summers.  She has a lot of friends and is a funny girl.

Reed is still employed by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in their Publishing Services Division.  He has had many wonderful assignments that have enriched our lives.

I am currently the Operations Manager at the Davis Arts Council.  I have been here for just over 5 months.  It has been exciting to work in the arts and to learn an entirely different side to performing - the contractual side!  The DAC is a small not for profit organization that has been around since the mid 1970's providing all sorts of performance and concert opportunities for Davis County.  It has been great to learn about all that the DAC does for the community - FREE of charge for most of it.  Our Summer Nights with the Stars was packed with groups like Styx, Chicago, The Beach Boys, Marc Cohn, Amy Grant, The Drifter's, Starship and many others. 

My time in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir came to an end in March of 2015.  I had been there 8 years and it was wonderful.  However, my family needed me at home more so I changed my job, resigned from the choir and made myself available for whatever was needed to facilitate Vosco's transition back into the home.

That's it for now.  I PROMISE to be more on top of things.

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